Well many Binary option early closure javascript CEO come and go. Many had been saying that they are done with their job. But in fact, they are not the real 86419/ CEO of their companies.
Well, how do you define a real follow site CEO?
Well, a real CEO is that which works in the company of his own as if he is owning his own company. He never has any second thoughts in mind and he never tries to double-cross his owners and the stakeholders.


The above lines describe a real buone strategie opzioni binarie CEO but it is actually very hard to find in real life. But as we have discussed that nothing is impossible. So there is such kind of people that exist in the real life. And the history has given such a visionary leaders to the most fortunate companies.

Today we will discuss the most visionary, spectacular, and the most hardworking binäre optionen mit geringem einsatz CEO of the world. Well, you might be thinking that whom it is. We will tell you very soon but it is sure that he is an Indian.

Well, you had already discussed whom we are talking about. We are talking about none other than the man who had made India proud by achieving his position after a long struggle and he is the one and only go here SUNDAR PICHAI. 

Yes, you have heard it right we are talking none other than the visionary CEO Sundar Pichai. Well most of you know him very well bit still some people had a little or no knowledge about his background, family life and such kind of things. So we the Sillyones had brought some interesting parts of his life to get you know more about him.


Well, Sundar Pichai is the only man who had taken go here Google to such a heights and had also increased its functions worldwide.

He is an Indian origin man and is currently is the source url CEO of the internet search engine giant Google. Well, we cant forget Google as he had become the most basic necessity of life.
tadacip 5mg 5ml Sundar Pichai had his leadership skills in his blood as told in an interview. He had been the risperdal borderline übungen CEO of prometrium 100 mg posologie Google and had annexed his seat of CEO from 20th July 2015. He had been working in the google since 2002. But he got his first appreciation in the year 2009 when successfully designed a program from Google. 

He also got his opportunity to become the CEO of the search engine giant Google when he led a team of at least some of the most qualified employees of the google in the year 2011. After that, his talent was recognised and was decided to be the CEO of the company Google.



Well, he is not from a highly qualified family nor does a rich family but is from a poor-mediocre family and is the son of a poor engineer. He is from Tamil Nadu and Chennai being his hometown.His father worked day and night to earn an income for his family and to provide them with the services that every father wants to provide to their children.
His family consists of five member which includes his two brothers one sister and mother father. But none of his dad’s sons or daughter is as successful as him.


Sundar Pichai was very intelligent since he was a child. He had a very keen interest in the study and was a very sharp minded prodigy.

He had done his early schooling from Chennai high school and then he was selected in the IIT Kanpur. After that, his professors told him to do a pad and did it from the Stanford University of the American. He did his M.B.A.  from Business School of  Pennsylvania. He was then was interviewed for a job at the Google and was selected.



When Sundar was at IIT Kanpur he fell in love with a girl called Anjali. He went every day to meet her outside the hostel and was quite feel embarrassed when all the girls saw him. He then married Anjali after completing his education and now they both are living in their luxury mansion in California.

Well, above we have discussed some interesting and informative parts of the life of the Google CEO Sundar Pichai. And made you familiar with his life.

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