binäre optionen thomas reineck An NHS paramedic was assaulted after a row over where an ambulance had been parked.

source site The emergency responder had been tending to a 999 call in Sparkhill, Birmingham, when she and a co-worker were set upon while trying to help a woman in her 60s with chest pain.

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rencontre femme badoo monaco Tasha Starkey revealed online that her fellow emergency responder was assaulted while she was threatened and verbally abused.

follow Police arrested a 49-year-old man on suspicion of common assault and a public order offence near to the scene at around 11.30am yesterday morning.

West Midlands Police revealed they were called to Stratford Road after receiving a call from the paramedics at around 11am, saying they needed backup after the unnamed NHS worker was hit on the arm.

Ms Starkey tweeted about the ordeal, saying: ‘We haven’t had a good morning unfortunately myself and my crewmate were threatened, verbally abused… my crewmate was assaulted.’

Tasha Starkey tweeted about the incident last night

The NHS worker said they were attacked as ‘because we had parked parallel to their car’ although she added they were not blocking the road.

The West Midlands Ambulance Service tweeted that staff were battling through ‘treacherous’ conditions to help those in need.

Following Ms Starkey’s tweets, people have been quick to praise her and other NHS workers for their efforts in treacherous weather conditions.

Carol Hones replied to her tweet: ‘Some people so sorry you were both abused and disrespected when you are out saving lives/getting patients help. If only all Paramedics could film whilst on the call, then they would have evidence to give Police. I know from the TV programmes some areas do film?’

PCSO Michelle Owens tweeted: ‘I hope you and your colleague are ok….this behaviour needs to stop, do people not realise that one day they may actually need your help….seriously what is wrong with some people – they need to give their heads a really good shake!!’

West Midlands Ambulance Service tweeted their staff were doing ‘everything possible to get into work in treacherous conditions’

This morning, Ms Starkey tweeted that the person who allegedly abused her and her crewmate had been let off with a caution.

West Midlands Police confirmed that the man was released from the police station at 9pm last night with a caution.

She tweeted: ‘Unfortunately received news last night that the patient that was physically& verbally aggressive and extremely threatening to us that he’s just received a caution. Extremely upset, disappointed and let down by this outcome.’

Madie replied to her tweet, saying: ‘That’s a disgrace! I can see why you feel like you do.’

Tim Wyatt replied: ‘Ridiculous , they’ll just do the same thing again & again . No punishment at all . Feel for you & your crew mates . You don’t deserve abuse & violence being thrown at you on a daily basis . You’re trying to help . Soon have to have police as 3rd crew member.’

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