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Well, the follow  Cinema is emerging day by day but the biggest of cinema is the get link Bollywood. Yes, u have heard it right. Bollywood is the biggest emerging branch in the world of cinema and not on in its vast size but because of its perfection and the in increasing number of artists, producers, and directors.
Controversies are most seen in enter site Bollywood whether it be the cat fights or whether it be the money matters and this sometimes result in some fatal things.

Believe it or not but you cannot stop these and these also create some buzz and generate some money to the people who had to spread to these in the market through social media like youtube and the other like facebook. Well if we could talk about the controversies then how could we forget to talk about the biggest controversy in the history of cinema. And it is of the controversy of the 2e rencontre internationale des territoires de coresponsabilité PADMAVATI and now called PADMAVATI.

Well if it is seen carefully.It is the big controversy because of the following reasons:

1. It is a very high budget film.
1. It had some issues with a strong community if Rajputs.
2. The director click Sanjay Leela Bhansali was also beat by the Rajputs.
3. The film has some historical obscene scenes.
4. It is base on real-life characters.

PADMAVATI: Padmavati is a go site Bollywood movie based on the real life of the historical Rajput queen called Padmavati who fought on behalf of his husband. The story is based on Jaipur city of the Rajasthan.

The story in itself is an epic because when watch Alauddin  Khilji conquered and killed the husband of Padmavati. They want her to be his wife then it was a kind of situation that the queen Padmavati had to herself got out her comfort zone. They had to fight for her people. She will not want to fight. But there was no chance left than just fight. So she came with her tied behind and she fought like a tigress.


Padmavat is the name of the same movie Padmavati and the name were later changed due to the controversy of Rajputs.


The Padmavati had been in the controversy that it showed some obscene
Of their queen Padmavati and it is the statement of according to the Rajputs. The people also want that whether what happens this movie will not release no matter what happens.

The people didn’t care about the investment and the hard work that had been involving in the Padmavati.


The people of the Rajput community reach the destination where the shooting was being held. Then they inside the sets and beat the director. After the Bollywood actors have been criticizing.
Even Sushant Singh Rajput had dropped the name Rajput from his name for whole one day for the incident that had happened.


The people of India were very anxious about the comeback of the movie. The investments are huge for Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

So finally after a long time of 2 months. It is striking back and with the name, Padmavati. The producers are eyeing that it will be a hit.

Well above we have discussed some interesting and informative facts related to the movie Padmavati. We hope that you would have liked it. For more such information stay connected with us.

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