A mother who had her hands chopped off with an axe by her jealous husband has proudly displayed her new robotic hand in Russia.

Margarita Grachyova had her fingers crushed before her arms were severed at the wrists by her spouse Dmitry, 26, a trained psychologist, near Serpukhov, in western Russia.

But the 25-year-old victim has since flown to the German city of Duderstadt to be fitted with specially-designed bionic limb and has told her two young children: ‘Now your mum has hands like a robot!’


Her case shocked the world in December when Dmitry Grachyov drove her to a forest, tied her up, forced her on to her knees, and then severed her hands with an axe.

He confessed to carrying out the Medieval-style attack because he suspected she had cheated on him.

Margarita has inspired Russians with her extraordinary optimism about life despite the brutality she endured.

Doctors managed to sew back her left hand – even though eight bones were broken, crushed by blows from the axe – and in time she is expected to gain 70 per cent use of it.

But the right hand could not be restored – and she is now learning to use two types of artificial limbs which she can alternate – fitted in the German city of Duderstadt.

‘I am in a great mood, ready to solve all my problems,’ said Margarita, who recently returned to Russia.

‘I am rehabilitating my left arm and working with the prosthesis for my right arm. I am not making any plans yet. My health is my priority now.’

She said: ‘Many thanks to all those who helped me to get used to my new life. I know it is just the beginning of my way. I need to get used to my new limbs and to learn how to operate them.’

She is still unable to dress herself and her mother Inna Sheikina helps her.

German medics also used electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles in her left arm.

‘At first we planned to order one artificial limb,’ said Irina.

‘There is a very good modern one, which allows her even to work with a computer. But at the same time it is a very fragile model, it often breaks.

‘When doctors found out Rita (Margarita) has two young children, they recommended the second limb as well, more basic but stronger, for day-to-day uses.’

Her ex-husband is undergoing psychiatric checks ahead of his trial.

After the appalling attack, she told how he bound her so she could not run and forced her onto her knees with her arms on a tree stump – and was ecstatic after severing her limbs.

First he battered her fingers with the axe – ‘he was totally calm when he did this to me’.

‘Unfortunately, I felt all the pain very much,’ she said.

‘I was dreaming that I would faint. I kept thinking all the time, why am I not fainting?

‘When he raised his axe, I just closed my eyes, I didn’t look at it…(when my hands were chopped off).

‘At one moment I started rolling off the stump and he cut my thigh with the axe – I have scars there too.’

She had believed that he would hold back from axing her at the last moment.

She said: ‘I still can’t understand how this could happen. I’ve lived with him for so many years.’

Until she had demanded a divorce, he was not violent, ‘then something flipped in his mind,’ she said.

He saw text messages with her males work colleague and believed she was having an affair, which she denied.

‘This is something from Medieval times, inconceivable, unreal, it just could not happen,’ she said.

‘I think he had read somewhere about this exact sort of torture.

‘He acted very cleverly, he even tied up my arms before the attack in the right way and in certain places in order to prevent a huge loss of blood.’

She is convinced ‘he did not want to kill me this time’ – but she revealed that from his detention cell he sent her a note threatening to murder her if she does not rescind their divorce – and wait for him to be be freed.
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