Reliance Jio is offering instant cashback of Rs. 2,200 on Redmi smartphones- Redmi Note 5 Pro and Redmi Note 5 under ‘Jio #GiveMe5 Offer’.  ‘Jio #GiveMe5 Offer’ will sween February 22, 2018 and March 31, 2018, said the operator on its official website Jio’s cashback offer of Rs. 2,200 on ‘Redmi Note 5 Pro’ and ‘Redmi Note 5’ will be credited in the form of 44 cashback vouchers of Rs. 50 each, in the MyJio app of an eligible subscriber upon performing a recharge of Rs. 198 or Rs. 299 on the device which amounts in total to Rs. 2,200 (Rs. 50 X 44).

On a recharge of Rs. 198 or Rs. 299, a subscriber will also get an additional ‘double data’ benefit which means double the 4G data entitlement in the form of an additional data voucher which the subscriber is entitled to, added Jio on it’s website. This offer is valid for only Jio Prime members and prepaid users.

How to redeem cashback vouchers of Rs. 50
1. Jio’s vouchers can be redeemed instantly by the subscriber upon a recharge in MyJio app.

2. Only one cashback voucher of Rs. 50 can be redeemed per eligible recharge, said Jio.

3. A maximum of 44 cashback vouchers of Rs. 50 each, can be redeemed by the subscriber on or before May 31, 2022. All unredeemed cashback vouchers will expire on May 31, 2022, added Jio on it’s website.

Terms and conditions of ‘Jio #GiveMe5’ offer:

1. Jio’s cashback offer will be open to all eligible subscribers on and from February 22, 2018.

2. Two or more offers cannot be clubbed together. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other alternative offer or promotion of a similar nature, said Jio.

3. Jio reserves the right to cancel/withdraw this offer at any time, without any prior intimation to the eligible subscriber. However, the benefits accrued to the eligible subscriber on or prior to the cancellation/withdrawal of this offer, shall not undergo any change, added Jio.

4. Jio’s cashback offer is non-transferable.

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