The man who would never be King: Denmark’s Prince Henrik, who complained bitterly about never being on par with his wife Queen Margrethe, dies aged 83 meaning his Australian daughter-in-law could be fast-tracked to become Queen

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 Prince Henrik, the French-born husband of Danish monarch Queen Margrethe, has died at the age of 83. Henrik, who had publicly vented his frustration at not being the social equal of his wife or their son in line to become Denmark’s king, was surrounded by his family when he died ‘peacefully in his sleep’ late on Tuesday at […]


Padmavati-A Real Story History Of The Rajput Queen

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Bollywood Cinema Well, the Cinema is emerging day by day but the biggest of cinema is the Bollywood. Yes, u have heard it right. Bollywood is the biggest emerging branch in the world of cinema and not on in its vast size but because of its perfection and the in increasing number of artists, producers, and directors. […]


Bahubali The Beginning

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BAHUBALI Well, we are very familiar with the Indian cinema and very well know that it is one of the biggest entertainment industry in the history of the world. We all see Bollywood movies and we all enjoy them a lot. But can we see the hard work and the prestigious competition that the industry […]

The United State Of America

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One of the most diverse economies of the world. One of the top country who has the largest army on the face of this earth. The topmost country that has the most advanced technologies in the whole world. The country who had conquered the world of internet with his entertainment industry. You might have already […]


Rajnikanth-A Film Actor and Politics

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Rajnikanth An actor who had been giving the Bollywood industry a series of superhits. A producer of some big budgeted movies and a philanthropist. We are talking none other than the legendary actor who had even defeated the death itself in his movies and that is Mr. RAJNIKANTH.  Yes, you have heard it right it […]

vishwanathan Anand

Vishwanathan Anand- International Chess Player

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Vishwanathan Anand An Indian origin but international level player that shook the world with his amazing skill of chess and the man who inspired millions after becoming the best seller author. We are talking none other than the Vishwanathan Anand who is the international player of Chess. Yes, you have heard it right we are […]


Mukesh Ambani

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The Richest Man In India A brilliant businessman an excellent entrepreneur, having a deep understanding of the market, an inspirer, of course, the richest man in India. We are talking none other than Mukesh Ambani. The true living legendary businessman Mukesh Ambani is taking forward his family business of Reliance industries. And up to a […]

Salman khan

Salman Khan

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Salman Khan Life and Style In today’s modern days the one thing related to the entertainment. He is popular very much to the earlier times is cinema. And the one man that has taken the cinema and box office collections to another level is our very own Salman Khan. Salman is the man in the […]